The publication process consists of 4 stages, which are the submission, review, evaluation and publication stages.

Stage 1: Shipment. At this stage the author registers in the system, and through the article submission system, registers the article data, accepts the declarations of originality, and uploads the file for review.

Stage 2: Review. At this stage, the journal editor chooses 3 blind peers to review only the content of the article without knowing who are the authors of the content.

Stage 3: Evaluation. At this stage, the journal editor has received the evaluations of the 3 blind peers, and counts the final evaluation of each reviewer, to decide whether the article is accepted and publishable, or is accepted with prior correction specified by the reviewers, or is rejected.

Stage 4: Publication. In this final stage, only authors with articles accepted in the evaluation or accepted and with corrections completed participate, where the articles will integrate the volume and number of the corresponding date.

The shipment process consists of 5 stages, which are the shipment stage, uploading the file, completing the item data and confirming shipment.

Stage 1: Before Shipment. At this stage the author should review the author's guidelines, where you will find information about your copyrights and the requirements to be met by the article to be submitted.

Stage 2: Shipment. At this stage, the author must be registered, and must enter the system of envio, in that section you must accept the shipping requirements described and then press the continue button.

Step 3: Upload the file. At this stage, the author must upload the paper with the format defined by the magazine and the declaration of originality , To do this you must press the add file button and choose the file to upload to the system, after completing the file upload, you must define the file by pressing "article text", which will appear at the bottom, after completing the steps described above, you must press the continue button.

Step 4: Complete data. At this stage, the author must complete the article data, such as the title, author and co-authors data, abstract and keywords, and then press the continue button.

Step 5: Confirm shipment. At this final stage, just click on the final submit button.