Editorial for the Journal 2024

Editorial for the Journal 2024

Editorial de la Revista 2024





As we welcome the year 2024, we are filled with enthusiasm and gratitude to present a new stage in our joint journey of exploring knowledge. In this scientific journal, which has been a beacon of discovery and learning, we embark on an exciting chapter full of opportunities for innovation, collaboration and reflection.
Our commitment to academic excellence and the dissemination of knowledge remains unwavering. Each article published in these pages is a testament to the collective efforts of passionate researchers working tirelessly to advance their respective fields. As we reflect on the achievements of the past, we look forward to a future full of possibilities.


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Manrique-Nugent, M. A. L. (2024). Editorial for the Journal 2024: Editorial de la Revista 2024. Scientific Research Journal CIDI, 4(7), 1–2. https://doi.org/10.53942/srjcidi.v4i7.224

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