Editorial for the Journal 2023 - II

Editorial for the Journal 2023 - II



Our journal of Scientific Research, is aimed at those who wish to be professionals responsible for a broad structure of knowledge, giving support to the diversity of publications of articles in all areas, being this cross-cutting, and multidisciplinary, which also publishes summaries of undergraduate theses as well as master's and doctoral theses, respecting the different technical opinions, We would like to thank the support received from the National University of Callao, the National University Federico Villarreal and the National University of Huancavelica, these three Universities were together with the SRJOURNAL Journal, we organized our First International Congress which was a total success, where all the abstracts of articles were evaluated after acceptance of the Editorial Committee, and were exposed.  

The journal is published biannually in Spanish, Italian, German, and English in digital format.   The articles submitted to the SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH JOURNAL CIDI - SRJOURNALCIDI.ORG ISSN: 2789-2727 Directed by CIDI: CENTRO DE INVESTIGACION Y DESARROLLO INTELECTUAL Non-Profit Civil Association, founded in 1994, must be original and unpublished, and may not be submitted for simultaneous evaluation in another academic or professional journal, and must not have been published in part or in full in another journal. The articles received are subjected to a similarity check, using Turnitin software. If an article is accepted for publication, the Editor will request authorization to publish the article by means of an express letter. The journal is aimed at researchers, teachers and professionals, students at different levels, undergraduate and postgraduate, with national and international participation.


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