Editorial for the Journal 2023

Editorial for the Journal 2023



In this new year 2023, Your Journal: Scientific Research Journal CIDI - SRJOURNALCIDI.ORG of the Center for Intellectual Research and Development Non-Profit Civil Association, founded in 1994. We are in the support and development of the Intellectual Community, in this way we will give an approach as agreed by our advisory members of the Editorial Board, having a priority in the publication, multidisciplinary areas and having a transversal identification. Aiming that our journal continues to maintain the prestige and maturity necessary to contribute to the main dilemmas that our society requires for the development of societies throughout Latin America.


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Manrique-Nugent, M. A. L. (2023). Editorial for the Journal 2023. Scientific Research Journal CIDI, 3(5). Retrieved from https://srjournalcidi.org/index.php/ojs/article/view/125

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