Satisfaction at Recreo los Andenes, Luricocha, Huanta, 2022

Satisfaction at Recreo los Andenes, Luricocha, Huanta, 2022




Quality management, customer satisfaction, service


The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between quality management and customer satisfaction. in the country recreation "Los ANDENES" Luricocha Huanta 2022, the restaurant has the qualitative and quantitative characteristics, which offers the public, The quality of the service provided focuses on the dimensions of the service. On the other hand, satisfaction is a broader concept that is influenced not only by rewards, but also by personal and situational factors outside the control of the service provider. Because through this economic gain in the market, productivity and stability are created in the company. Quality management and leadership (Flores et al., 2021). It is a necessary requirement for an organization to succeed in competition and, because of market expansion, the company now competes with the global market, which expands the scope of the company and, therefore, increases the demand for each offer. products and services. better quality (Rey et al., 2022)


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Ochante-Taboada, H. J., Vargas-Aguilar, J. T., Lema-Rivera, F. F., & Quispe-Gonzales, G. C. (2023). Satisfaction at Recreo los Andenes, Luricocha, Huanta, 2022. Scientific Research Journal CIDI, 3(6), 1–24.

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