Acceptance and rejection rates

Acceptance and rejection rate

We express the acceptance or rejection rate in percentage figures, i.e., in the case of the rejection rate, it is the division of the number of rejected articles divided by the total number of articles submitted in the next publication period.

Normally, we have a 35% rejection rate (20% up to vol. 2 num. 3), being our current policy, which includes articles of low quality, articles that do not follow the submission guidelines, or the maximum limit of articles to be accepted has been reached, it is for the latter, that possibly your article is of quality, but the maximum limit of articles accepted for the next issue to be published has been reached, you have the alternative of waiting for your article to be presented in the next issue or you can send it to another journal.

Ultimately, we ask that you take this policy into account in your decision to submit an article for publication.